Wherrytown 1935

Wherrytown 1935

The date perhaps 1935; View of Cafe Marina and Wherrytown, before it was de-cafe-nated and turned into a car park. The bus appears to be a Dennis Mace 1933. Photocrom.
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Dennis Mace 1933; 26 seat forward control, based on 50 cwt goods truck chassis. 11'6 wheelbase x 7' 3 wide, more than suitable for narrow lanes. Known as 'the flying pig', because of it snout. Western National.
Those old bus' would rattle and roll...Wherrytown I used to get my hair cut at Tom Tregurthas - no electric clippers
in those days and the price...one penny.
I doubted the date of this picture so I did a bit of research on the vehicles. The bus is a coach. In fact a Leyland Tiger (possible T6 model). It has a classic Harrington Bodywork C32R. Although the T6 and T7 models were produced right through the war The T6 (as shown in the picture above) was the only Leyland Tiger to be produced with a rectangular radiator that slightly narrowed near the bottom. All the other models previous and after were all perfect rectangular radiators. This model was produced from 1934. There's very little written about the early Tigers so I'm not sure when production stopped.
The light grey car passing the coach seems to be a Ford Popular 103E and if that is the case then that dates the picture about 1953 at the earliest. The black car looks to be a Ford Anglia (possibly the E494A and dated 1949).
Good question... no idea. Wasn't it still standing in 1959 after the great storms of Ash Wednesday... or am I mistaken?
Trepolpen and myself have covered the Ash Wednesday Storm, you have that date incorrect It is a signifiicant and important change in the history of the promenade.:)
Interesting as Duffy seems to recollect going in to the pool around 1953, yet Welb1931 suggested in his comment that it was demolished earlier. Is there nothing held by the council showing demolition orders?

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