Lower Queen street 1930s

Lower Queen street 1930s

This picture was supplied by Ian Braithwaite of his uncle who owned a general store at the bottom of Queen Street back in the 1930's. Despite his disability (not being able to use one of his arms or hand) he rode a bike and conducted business there for many years.
Hope this is of interest to you all.
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Well that is interesting because he has been known by that name for years and his closest family aslo know him by that name, but my understanding is from Ian that that wasn't his name at all.
I'll find out more for you.
I knew him, through my mother, as Ronald Benney, and I believe he had something to do with the Elim church in Taroveor Road back in the 50s.
My wife say's that she also knew him through the Elim church which
she attended with her grandmother...a friend to your mother........
By the way Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year to you and
yours down under
From what Ian has told me his uncle was heavily involved with the Elim church. As far as I can recollect from the conversation with Ian, his uncle and others were devoted Salvation army followers until one day something happened and most of the congregation left and joined the Elim Church.
I'll try and find out more.

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