This is a picture of a prefab in Polmeere road Treneere estate. This photo was taken 26th October 1979. This was home to the Eva family who left it claiming that the prefab was rat infested. These prefabs were erected after the war to deal with the housing shortage. They were only intended to be used for a short while. They came flat packed and erected on site... and made completely from asbestos! They were cold in the winter and hot in the summer! supplied by Steff
I remember my aunty and her husband and family living in one of these in the early 60s, if memory serves me right. joe and marina thomas, who later moved to polweath road. where there eldest son about 1976 fell out of the tree nearby, and died he was only 15. my aunty ollie lived with them to. if anyone here remembers them.
Yes I do, Kim is nearer my age. I remember Ian falling from the tree, tragic. We all used to muck around together in our early teens. I lived in Lower Peverell Road.

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