Market place 1975

Market place 1975

The bottom of Causewayhead/Market place in 1975. This picture shows the building of what is now ETS Electrical s. The building that stood before it was Timothy White. This building caught fire later in the 80s
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I must be younger than I think, or more senile ::15: I don t remember that fire ..
its funny because I was just thinking that myself......i don t remember the fire either? ::6:
The shame of it is that there was a fine old building there before TW dating back to around 1820; I cannot say I have the same affection for the latest block of concrete. Thank you Mr Blight, God bless us, one and all. Just for the record, I am not anti-modern, just anti atrociously bad or mediocre modern, I am also against poor copies of old architecture just to satisfy a whim.
Sorry I put the comments on this picture and first off put it in the wrong section and then forgot to mention the fire was much later after this build. I think it was in the late 1980s

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