Bath Cottages Wherrytown

Bath Cottages Wherrytown

Bath Cottages in WherryTown Newlyn c1930
@Hedge Slammer Hi , I've been obsessing about Wherrytown since the 1932 aerial photos of it appeared on Britain from Above. I think this photo shows the abandoned granite 'nucleus' of the Cafe Marina (in other words the Caldwell Bath entrance)after the not very severe fire and demolition of all the conservatory surroundings.Steffan/Halfhidden reckons the stonework came down in 1938 in a blitz by Penzance Council. Morrab Library photos date the demolition of the Bijou House as 1950 so maybe some more research is needed
Here's Wherrytown from Britain from Above , the blurry one i.s 1928, the clear one is 1932 and there is one in 1950 showing only the long swimming bath shed standing with holes in its roof....I've put them in an album 'Wherrytown Views' but can't see how to insert here

Britain from Above Penzance search at top...sign up free to get scroll/zoom/comment feature...1921 aerial of PZ is wrong its about 1935
Excellent stuff, @M D West :)

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