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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Pasty Man, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. Pasty Man

    Pasty Man

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    As someone now living hundreds of miles from Penzance a big attraction of Picture Penzance website is seeing contemporary, recent and old pictures of home. I also get a regular Pz top up by looking at various webcams around Penzance, whether just to see the weather or if the tide is in or out. Recently though, a number of the Penzance webcams have disappeared or stopped responding and I wondered if that says something about the malaise around Pz or whether webcams are dropping out of fashion or am I just unlucky?

    Ones I'm thinking of in particular are the Cliff Hotel, Mount Haven Hotel & Marazion Sailing club. A little further afield there are working wecams at Sennen, Lands End, Porthcurno and Carbis Bay but at the moment Penzance seems left out, forgotten, broken down or maybe out of season.

    Any local insights?

    Much appreciated
  2. sparky

    sparky Authoritarian Staff Member Administrator

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    I must admit I haven't really noticed the lack of webcams... I'm not sure why the cliff Hotel one isn't working it could be down to cost to keep streaming video perhaps? I don't know about the other ones either I'm afraid, (not much help for you I know) living miles away and just wanting to see Penzance.!
    maybe some other members can help out on this one? ::15:

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