1. Battery Rocks 1913

    Battery Rocks 1913

    Here is what Battery Rocks looked like in 1913. Obviously there is no Jubilee pool because that was built in the 1930's
  2. Sandy Bank

    Sandy Bank

    This picture of Sandy Bank was taken in 1924. I haven't been given any copyright information with this picture so I hope that this picture is ok to put up. However if anyone knows that this might be in copyright then let me know please. I couldn't find anything myself.
  3. Battery Road

    Battery Road

    Ok some one... I not saying who, but someone laid off they guy who points the wall along the sea front, in a bid to save some pennies. Well some time in the 90's a huge whole appeared in the main road just around the corner to the Waterside Meadery. Anyway, as per usual, whatever they saved they...
  4. Battery Road

    Battery Road

    More hasty work whilst the tide was out. Repairs to the sea wall was being carried out as quickly as possible. This picture was taken from the Jubilee swimming pool end.
  5. Battery Road

    Battery Road

    Taken in Battery Road (next to the Waterside Meadery). Necessary work... in fact urgent work being carried out on the sea defence and the road. Can't remember the exact date sorry.
  6. Penzance 1920's

    Penzance 1920's

    Taken in the early part of 1921. This aerial view of Penzance was taken before the War memorial and the Jubilee swimming pool was constructed.
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