U14 Rugby Team 1966

U14 Rugby Team 1966

Back row: Dave Ashcroft, ? Harvey, Alan Horne, Ashley Peters, -?-, -?-, Brian de Lord, Nick Wright, Willy Akeroyd, Pete Care, Mr Blackler
Middle row: Timmy Martin, Barry Oakland, Ian Halford, Martin Britten, (David Davies)?
Front row: Paul Bailey, Stuart Crebo
I think it is Stuart Tankard. Hardly ever saw him without specs so I could be wrong.
I think it is Mike - i have my doubts about that being David Davies though. I lived next door to him for a while and don't think that's him
I think you could well be right about that not being David Davies. One person I've not yet recoognised in any team photos, is Eddy Curnow. He was in our year and a good winger; it could be him although I'm by no means confident of that.

'Tanks' was so rarely seen without his specs it is hard to be sure. As for Mike Summerlee; he wasn't in our year (although he could still have qualified for U14 of course), and I didn't think he joined HDGS until later than '66. But I'm not sure.

Could the boy between Willy Akeroyd and Mr Blackler be Peter Care? A guess, again.

Pete is in this picture

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