Lower playground (girls)

Lower playground (girls)

Lescudjack school lower playground (girls) looking up towards Mrs Harris's class (she was married to 'Butt' Harris; he was called this because he smoked in class and always had an ashtray full of butt-ends).
Picture Supplied by Stephanie Kewn
I remember Mrs Turner being the sewing class teacher, and Mr Turner being the really heavy smoker, they were as different as chalk and cheese. Mr Turner was my math teacher, I was lousy at math.
Cookery classes...that was a laugh...first thing they ever taught me to make was Angel Delight from a packet!!!!!
Yes absolutely, he was the Maths teacher. Do you remember that he always used to have a flask with him, and one day someone put laxatives in his flask? Those were the days! Were you at Lescudjack at the same time as I was???
Ah, you started there just as I left, as left Lescudjack in 1976! Think I might have remember the name of the English teacher, could it be Mr Davies??? Was her there when you were at Lescudjack?

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