Dolphin Tavern

Dolphin Tavern

This is the Dolphin Tavern way back in the late 1800's I don't fully understand what happened to the tavern, but it does look as if it had been relocated. This would make sense as the Battery Road needed to be widened.
yeah...and just realized the waters edge?....deffo not like this now, shame about the lovely window (as I don't think that is there any more) above the ladies holding the baskets it looks totally different from all the others or is it just me that thinks that? great pic btw :) xx
The Dolphin is still the same building today but with the stonework exposed. The two bay windows, the big curved window on the left can still be seen. Even the raised 'hip' on the left of the roof is still there. The buildings either side are long gone.
I was referring to the waters edge as got the main road... but I wasn't sure of the bay window...(my mistake if it still there) a lovely picture taken at the time and even today a lovely building with great food/drink with a warm welcoming complementary members of staff :) xx
I'm not sure if that's the waters edge or just a wet road... there an image somewhere of the wet dock being rebuilt that I think shows the old waterline/dock wall being roughly on the southern edge of the road. The building on the left was the Harbour Office.

Anyway, here's a modern shot to compare:

Aww Thanks @Hedge Slammer for the above...the top part of the window has gone ( the half shaped section part) and the two sided steps that go into the Dolphin, and the chimney pots on roof, but other than that looks pretty much the same. :) xx

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