Causewayhead 1935

Causewayhead 1935

Causewayhead 1935; Jubilee Celebrations for King George V. On the right Mill Bay , two cars in sight, two prams in sight; on the left, the best place in town to eat at the celebrated Robins Restaurant. Before that, Army and Navy Stores (closest), Jelbert's dairy, Luke's fish and chips and Jasper's butcher.
In my case - never - I can t drive!! laugh# I suspect Halfhidden will know, though.
On the description given by George Bown Millet in 1883, for the Old Market House, he describes the main door of the Market House having been opposite The Golden Lion. The medallion which was on the wall over that main door was re-fixed to its present position on the building which now contains Lloyds Bank. The marble sculpture dates from 1803. The Golden Lion Hotel/Inn appears first in 1823, George Hemmings, stated as 34 Market Place. In 1887 it closed and a new premises built in Causewayhead, it seems that the building was not completed immediately as it opened in upper Causewayhead, then was completed 1891. It continued trading until it was closed in 1927. Just down the street was The Duke of Cumberland. That opened in 1822. In 1851 William Rodda was landlord.
Here is what Jack Pengelly recalls of 1922 onwards.
He states of The Golden Lion [68 and 69 Causewayhead]
Golden Lion closed under Licencing Act in 1927. It had been run by Annie Martin, then Tom Martin. 'pulled down and rebuilt as two shops, taken over as Millbay Laundry and Edwards the butcher. Next door was 70 Julian jeweller. Then The Duke of Cumberland [71 Causewayhead] believed closed 1943, 'many changes since'. Then Lanyon newspapers[72], Perry's restaurant/Roberts, then rebuilt for Beckerleg baker and cafe [now Rowe.[73], Foss butcher [now charity shop][74] and London Inn.[75].

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