Alverton County Primary School 1965 Mrs White's Class

Alverton County Primary School 1965 Mrs White's Class

Head Teacher Mr Lees. Class Mrs White
Back Row left: Mrs White, Peter Eddy, Ashle Tallon, Lesley Barnes, Graham Drew, Amanda Cougan, Adrian Searl, Gillian Guy, Keith Davis, Jandamine Ralph Barry Chivers.

3rd row: Paul Semmens, Susan May, Steven Lloyd, Christopher Harris Claire Brown, Julie Thurborne, Nigel Tonkin, Juliet Vingo, Nicholas Mathews, Linda Evans, Dennis Curnow, Leslie Roberts.

2nd row: Angela Roberts, Rosemary Craft, Susan Marment, Linda Horn, Christine Turner,Elizabeth Hosking, Judith Balsan, Karen Mitchell, Susan Curtiss, Vanessa Vouncombe, Julie Collins, Maria Howis

Front row: Anthony Launder, Paul Reid, Martin Curnow, Martin Chadder, Peter Williams, Nichola Brown, Robert James, Oliver Ridge
Photograph supplied by Sue Semmens
I know two names from this photo: Linda Horn and Susan May. Linda Horn is a year older than me and I was at Grammar School in '65. Susan May is a year younger then me and I think she would have been at Grammar School too by then, so I'm a bit confused.
Angela Roberts - used to live next door to me when we were kids! She had an older sister called Alison, and younger sister called Isobel (not sure on spelling) and a younger brother who's name has slipped my memory.
Having checked on Susan May's entry on Friends Reunited for when she started Grammar School, I was very surprised to see that she went to Tolcarne Primary. She did have a younger sister though and it's very possible she went to Alverton, as the family lived in Toltuff Crescent right opposite the school!

There was a brother too - David May. Lent me his Alice Cooper's 'Billion Dollar Babies' when I was a teenager (I too grew up in Toltuff Crescent).
Really? I lived there for a short while myself after my Father re-married and before we all moved to Mousehole (Me, Father, step-mother and step-brother Martyn Guest).

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