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After the storm

Another picture of after the storm in 87 picture supplied by Joann

After the storm
sparky, Mar 26, 2008
    • steve-o
      I was in the police force when this took place and remember being on duty that night at Newlyn when the old bridge took a beating. What a night that was, the same night Mousehole switched their lights on.
    • denanmor
      It looks a bit like this now, but that is thanks to unfinished works!
    • sparky
      funny that ...we thought that they are taking a long time in finishing ( when we drove past there today)....have they encountered a problem?
    • steve-o
      Now it s Easter they decide to restart the works again, unbeleivable!.
    • treeve
      As I announced on my set of pics, the company have worked out that there is a need for a wider water course, and are thus building another parallel culvert. If only they had seen the original, which was three times as wide as the current one. If they had brains, they could well be dangerous.
    • steve-o
      Well, Treeve, it looks and sounds about right for the way things are run now, the problem with companys now is that the top people who make the dicisions never work their way up from the bottom.
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    Mar 26, 2008
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