View of Penzance, from near Lescudjack 1844

View of Penzance, from near Lescudjack 1844

This drawing can be dated as being after 1837 - Market House, and before 1845 (Albert Pier not yet having been begun). Coulson's Granary has appeared - it is not shown on the harbour plan of 1840, it does not show on the 1842 tithe map, although the site had been cleared ready for sale. Assuming a year for build, this drawing has to be 1844. A plan had begun to clear Penzance of disease and filth. A new age has begun, and that is reflected in the fact of a steam ship approaching on the horizon.
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Something else that lends evidence to the picture being 1844 is the fact that the RC Church in Rosevean Road is visible on the right between the trees, I think (or is it the ecclesiastical building more to the left?). It was officially opened on 20th Oct., 1843, though I am unsure of how long it took to construct.
I am working through these drawings, attempting to agree and tie them in with maps and dates; the 1850 is a really good one (now uploaded); I will check out as many as I can, thanks for that.
I have placed some notes on a picture Old view of the Church in your gallery, trepolpen. Clearly the Church took a little over two years to build.

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