Q Bar Closed

Q Bar Closed

Door being boarded up 8th September 2009.
Police cars there this morning at 8.30 to 9.0, and for a while after, not found out any reasons yet or if it s related. but, I think it is.
It s the Colour Police, finally got the Order signed to Press Charges. read#
the man in the white shirt was the one who threatened HH a while ago now, as HH caught the man driving up causewayhead.
It is alleged that a closure order was placed on the bar after three warnings were issued by the police. it is alleged that the warnings were for underage drinking, selling alcohol at irresponsible prices (it’s illegal to sell alcohol at an irresponsibly low price) and finally it is alleged that they advertised these drinks to the public at these irresponsible prices and was asked, by the police more than three times to remove the advertisements... they didn t comply.
If the information handed to me is true... Then they have done this to themselves.
Watch out though.... They are now starting two more businesses in town.
Glad to see the police are actually doing something to the people responsible for selling booze, it s a two way street when it comes to drunkeness, if the suppliers were more responsible, we would have less problems.
I remember once taking a local supermarket to task over their promotion to sell cheap booze . I have no problem with that name in general speech, but I object to the commercial promotion of alcohol in that manner, as if it is something to abuse in that fashion, and least of all in a tatty pamphlet through my door letter box. Since the main content of the sales were alcopops, it was clear as to the primary target for sales. I was told that I took too heavy a view of life. Try telling that to the parents of a son or daughter that has died either of alcohol or alcohol related crimes or road accident .

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