Abbey Basin
This image of Abbey Basin was labelled as date unknown. This image has to be pre 1879 as the two Wharfs were joined by then. Not to mention the Steam Saw Mill still stands in this image suggesting the dry dock wasn't yet dug out.
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The Morrab Library have this one pegged at 1871... The features shown (glass houses atop the warehouse, the gantry, the lack of a road) all match the 1878 town plan exactly.

The sign to the left of 'Steam Saw Mills' reads 'J(?) Matthews Ship Boat Builder'. According to this, 'John Matthews opened a small dry dock in 1814', which was enlarged in 1880. This (pdf) suggests 1815.

The 1878 map shows two dry docks... one where the existing one is today, plus one to the Southwest:


I think the dry dock might be between the black shed on the left and the Matthews building, hidden by the ships?
Wow that was a lot of info. Yes I believe the gates are the originals. Well built that's for sure.
Do you know why the green houses were on the Abbey warehouse? My understanding was that they kept bees there.

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