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well I might need some quick tips

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Pokerboy, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. Pokerboy

    Pokerboy Dev Team Administrator

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    Okay so its not set in stone yet but I may be going away soon for a short time to work, and would love to bring back and upload stunning photos of where I've been.

    As some may already know I own an Olympus e-410 with accessories (40 piece lens filter set, a bunch of HD compact cards, and software to edit photos while in live mode etc) I believe I take nice photos and would like to know a little more in the way of tips as how to better my picture quality and outcome, you know like make them more professional.

    The manual is heavy reading like many for DSL cameras out there today but I'm not a fan of reading so normally find it best to just play about with things to see whats what.
    So any tips or advice is welcomed and you never know i might just send you a post card :) .
  2. treeve

    treeve Major Contributor

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    With digital capture and handling now, you can make photography as simple or as complex as you like. What did you have in mind as being a 'stumbling block'? It may show in my pictures, but for year upon year, I have simply looked for a scene or obect to come alive in my viewfinder, to simply scan for best shot and composition. It means little manipulation on the computer, if any, except to adjust my 'natural' tilt 1 degree off level. If you want your camera to work for you, you really need to give it a full trial over a fortnight or so. Make a note of settings, so they can be repeated at will, knowing the lighting and colouring results. Take a motor bike for a spin to get used to its feel, handling, balance; what is right and what is dangerous but achievable. It is exactly the same with a top camera. If nothing else look at your destruction book if only to discover the names of the parts and the meanings of the symbols/letters. Experimantation is fine, just remember which ones work and which ones do not. Go out and poke the lens at anything, adjusting ... you have masses of storage space to experiment. Spend time with it, in the same way you would with a girlfriend. Get to know her moods and foibles. How not to upset her, how to firmly but kindly make sure you are not lost in the relationship, so lose track of the combined path...

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