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As a side issue to the question on The Other World, about anyone's belief or otherwise in a world inhabited by spirit beings and any
connections experienced...

How many of you use any methods for communicating with The Spirit? Most people have at some time or other dipped into the daily rag and checked out their Horoscope, with the certain knowledge that
there is a 1 in 365 chance of being your birthday today, or any other brief statement about there being some good/bad news today for all Taureans, or whatever. It is of course tantamount to total tosh.

However, a Horoscope, properly read and written can offer a guiding path for the future of your life; any idea that it will give a forecast of
physical events is also nothing other than hogwash. I have a belief that our life route is, to some degree, wrapped ready to open as soon as we are born. Though I see it more as set out in The Chinese Horoscope, as a path along which you may choose to walk, not as a pre-destined and fixed path with a certain outcome. I also have to admit that there are certain events and meetings which go beyond chance, not all, as a degree of innumerable crossings of lives will bring about great opportunity for the random. Some I have met, just stretch imagination too greatly to be accepted as pure chance ... we were meant to meet such a person, or that is why I was late to work today, etc ....

I can say that I have had my Horoscope read by a good and genuine lady, with whom I was extremely secretive about nothing much more than my date, time and place of birth; it was only after the charts and reports were written out that I realised that after 50 odd (very odd) years this lady had written my life story; from that, I realised that anything written of a time to come, would also have to be correct ... and it has been; as I said, this has nothing to do with actual events, but generalities and personal attitudes. I am not talking Mystic Meg, nor am I talking 'cross me and wiv silver darlin'. I am not even going to talk about my Grandmother who had a true connection with the spirits or myself who does have a connection if I allow myself to be aware and connected. I am talking about observed and calculated solar positions of planets that have a gravitational influence on your being, from the time you are born. For example ... The Moon has a dramatic influence on the mass of the sea and oceans .. water ... what are humans made of? A great deal of water. The plates of the Earth's Crust are affected by the Tides, these massive solids are moved arouhd by the gravitational pull of Thge Moon. All I can say is that I have had the proof.

We hear from Theologians and Spiritualists of the Human connection through prayer, the power of Meditation to reach into the soul of what is. A simple meditational prayer 'Om mane pad mehum', or 'Nam-myoho-renge-kyo' that I have used focuses the mind and heart to a place in the root of all. The Tarot uses a similar connection, to be used with care. Use the ouija board at your peril, I have seen grown people white with fear weeks afterwards.

There are other means of connecting with that spirit world, for guidance, if approached with the same reverence and respect for the question and the answer. The I Ching or The Runes. When I have calmed enough to be able to concentrate and 'ask the right question' I do receive a proper reply. Most book shops now promulgate all kinds of versions of those two age old tools of prayer, but there are but three that are properly written because they are ancient tried and tested.

So, do you use such Tools? Do you think that I am nuts? Do you think it is nonsense?


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As a musician, I'm into vibration and recognise harmony and how just a slight variation can cause disharmony. Take two adjacent guitars tuned exactly in concert pitch and just pluck the lowest string on one to see the other guitar's lowest string start vibrating due to resonance. This uncanny event did get me interested in Numerology which was an obsession of Pythagoras. His right angled triangle was far more than a 'Square of the Hypotenuse' model. He used it to create a blueprint of someone's life based on calculations from Birthdate and given birth name. Most fascinating, however I feel that this world is so full of magnificent mysteries that to actually try and unravel them is a waste of precious time which should be better spent sharing the innumerable qualities and unique characteristics so remarkably bestowed upon us at birth and which are sadly squeezed out of us as we inevitably get put through the mill. Superstitious nonsense has wasted so much innocence through fear. I'm reminded of a particular cult who think it's joyous to wear and display the instrument of alleged death of their saviour around their necks. As Maurice Chevalier sung during the movie 'In Search of The Castaways' "Why cry about bad weather, enjoy it......this world's a cornucopia, why it could be Utopia, voila, that's life, enjoy it"


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That has left me completely unsure as to your meaning, not having given any thoughts as to your own inner feelings or connection with this life and the cosmos. Are you saying 'matter do uh' or doing a Timothy Leary? You touch on a completely different subject of religious belief, which was not within the question at all. I have the writings of Pythagoras, very enlightening. :)


I get the feeling that Ibrowze is saying that, yes there are a multitude of things we can't explain. No matter how hard we strive to find an answer, sometimes there is no answer. We are mortals, and it doesn't matter whether you are religeous or listen to aunty tea leaf up at the fair, your life is predestined, and you cannot alter what is driven by fate. If we had such knowledge we could change so many things, but thank (anything you worship ) we can't.

On a lighter note I saw a piece of graffiti which said " Atheism is a non prophet making organization" .............well I liked it.


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Thank you @bear. If that is the meaning then that is exactly what I am saying to a T. My question did not relate at all at changing a 'fortune', merely to 'divine' it. For example, I have used a willow divining fork and metal rods in beech sockets, the results are the same, they react to certain unseen forces or water or pipes, depending on what I am seeking. I cannot explain it, nor do I want to, but it sure fire works.

I like your quote; I was told never to take up fortune telling, there is no future in it.
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