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"Quality" of driving

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by P_Trembath, May 13, 2012.

  1. P_Trembath

    P_Trembath The Best

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    It seems to me, that over the last 18 months or so, the number of drivers on the road in need of being taken off the road has been steadily increasing. It seems that for far too many of them it is a case of "I've got my licence, insurance, MOT, and tax, so I can drive how ever I like.
    There are those who think that a good distance to keep between them and the car in front is about half the length of their bonnet, no mater what speed is being done.
    Then there are those who believe that everyone else is telepathic, and will be able to pick up on the thought wave indicators they have had fitted to their cars.
    Those who know that the right of way is always theirs, even when going down hill on the wrong side of the road, sometimes in reverse.
    Those for whom speed limits are merely advisory, and road markings are only there to give Cormac something to do.
    Those for whom Lane discipline means anyone who gets in my way is going to get a damn good telling off, with accompanying hand gestures.
    They seem to believe that the Highway Code is on a par with Morse Code, something that used to be used, but no-one bothers with it any more.
    Then there are those for whom 30mph in a 30mph zone is clearly not fast enough, so will overtake, quite often when something is coming the other way, causing you to brake suddenly to allow them to get back in, and then decide to potter on at 45mph in the 60mph zone holding up all those they have just whizzed past.

    Now, what sort of drivers are these homicidal maniacs, are they "Boy Racers", "Women Drivers", "White Van Drivers", "Old Codgers in Trilby Hats"?
    It is all of them, and every other "sort" of driver out there, there seems to be no specific group, unless you wish to lump them all together in the "5 Fingered Widow Club".

    We all make the odd mistake, that's just human, but this type of driving is no mistake, it is deliberate. It demonstrates a complete disregard for other road users, pedestrians, and even children. They can't all be rushing off to a medical emergency!

    You want to know one of the reasons why your insurance keeps going up, it's because of "drivers" like these, Drivers with their genitalia firmly attached to their foreheads, who believe that, not only are they immortal, but are able to do exactly what they wish and everyone else has to make allowances, and keep out of their way.

    It does not help that the Police seem totally acceptive of these driving practices, some of them even driving that way themselves. Mind you, just wait and see what happens if you forget to renew your road-fund licence for a week.....................................

    Sorry, rant over, I think I'll have a look on see if there are any Chieftain Tanks going cheap!voodoo
  2. sparky

    sparky Authoritarian Staff Member Administrator

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    very well said!!! We were in discussions the other day (HH & I) and was thinking that the driving test should be regular and not just when you leave school or old enough to take it, (say every 10 -15 yrs & should be free to re take) as lets face it we have all done some stupid things whilst driving even though we know we shouldnt (like being on the phone (seems to be the most common), or eating) And I for one reckon that if this was introduced that I would fail... ,purley because of the years that I have taken for granted and knowing that I will never have to resit the theory and driving test again.

    also on another note things change in your life, circumstances that are beyond your control, you may start to loose your eyesight or it may become poorer and more difficult to see, loss of hearing, maynot be as abled bodied all sorts of things, but people still drive, even tho perhaps they shouldnt, but one thing is for sure (and please dont take this the wrong way and no way am I implying this on anyone) that the older you are and the longer you have been driving you seem to get cheaper car insurance. I am mystified how this works really I am, every year my car insurance goes up it NEVER goes down or even stays the same!!

    I think that people have become "lazy" or perhaps thats the wrong word to use maybe "complacent" that as you said already I have paid for my road tax, insurance, mot etc and I've passed my test and now I can do what I want on the roads...or as we have witnessed on many occasions drive onto a pavement and park. (I for one dont remember that in the highway code!!)
    btw did you find your Chieftain Tanks going cheap! on Ebay?drive#
  3. Halfhidden

    Halfhidden Untouchable Staff Member Administrator

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    I must say that I consider myself a good driver.... but hang on, don't we all!?
    I agree completely with the things that have been mentioned by you both and I too find it very frustrating at times. Going back to my original statement you'll also find drivers that consider themselves so good at driving that they aren't prepared to allow for mistakes by others on the road. Often unaware that they are raging at these drivers as they make mistakes.
    To be honest, the drivers license is not a right, and as soon as the government change the rules we'll have a more dangerous driving/riding experience as time goes by. My father says its not as much fun driving these days. He often refers to the good old days... but then again in the good old days there was probably only half a million cars on the road. Today there is about 31million cars on the road.

    So as Sparky says a general medical and drivers test should be conducted every 3 or 5 years. Only a few days ago a policemen friend of mine followed a car that seem to catch his attention. He eventually stopped the car to discover that the 85 year old woman could only see about 20 feet at best. And as for a test... well I took a full Bike test in 2008 that 26 years after I past my drivers test for a car. I had to take a theory and the highway code had changed that much that I had to study it all over again. Now I passed my tests but it was a real eye opener. The new test also took drivers attitude into account as well. But to be fair I don't think you can train someone to have a good driving attitude if they are not inclined to think that way naturally.

    Perhaps the best way is to allow for a strike system.
    You are able to report bad driving to the insurance companies. They mark your record and if too many people complain about your driving attitude, aggression or other driving aspects then you will be flagged up for a refresher test or pulled off the road.

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