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Fundraising ideas


Staff member
Hi all,
I have been thinking about raising funds for PP & I have come up with a couple of ideas was wandering if anyone else would like to contribute to this.

was wandering if anyone would be up for doing a sponspored walk or swim?
or maybe doing a "special" one off multi media /music quiz say in a pub or somewhere, and is open to the public to attend & they pay a small fee to enter, we all have a laugh/drink get our brains into working for the different questions that are asked?
also sell a few raffle tickets too!

mind you this multi media quiz will takes sevral months to do as alot of preperation and research has to be done before hand, so this may be something to look into doing for next year perhaps?

look forward to your responses, Sparky


Staff member
I'm no good nowadays for sponsord walks or swims, but doing something in a pub sounds like heavan to me. ::15: ::15: