Challenge 2011


It was discussed at the last meeting that a photo challenge should be launched. I had to put some thought to it and have come up with what I think is a reasonable format.

A subject is chosen by the participating members. The majority vote set's the picture scene. For instance it could be landscape, portrait, black and white or whatever the majority voters go for.

Now Photoshop type programs can be used but must be declared when the picture is uploaded. Reason for this is that the other members will need to take this in to account when voting on the best picture.
When the picture is uploaded a short explanation should accompany the picture to explain and hopefully help the other members how this picture was achieved. If you have a point and click then what setting was the camera at (portrait, party or whatever) or if you have a professional DSLR then lens size, and settings.
If you already have some pictures and would like to put them in to the contest... this is fine.
The object of the competition is two fold:
1 to show off your skills
2 to teach and encourage others to rise to the challenge.

The winner will be chosen by the members and the majority vote wins.
The winner will have their picture placed on the front page of Picture Penzance as well as added to the newsletter. The winner will also receive a bottle of wine.
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What a relief - it's a photo contest! When I first read the title, I thought the Government had gone overboard with their "Challenge 21" alcohol policy!
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