1. Taylor's garage

    Taylor's garage

    A look at Taylor's garage from the outside. Today it's an art gallery I think. This picture was taken in the 1980's Look there's a TR7 parked outside.
  2. Taylor's garage

    Taylor's garage

    Just another office in the garage, but who is this?
  3. Taylor's


    This was the biggest garage in the area.
  4. Sales team

    Sales team

    This is Frankey, head of the sales team at Taylor's garage in the 1980's
  5. Stores


    The stores at Taylor's garage. Look there's Jimmy Cocking! but who's he with. Picture taken around the 1980's
  6. Ring Ring

    Ring Ring

    The telephonist at Taylor's garage. Can you tell me her name?
  7. Taylors garage

    Taylors garage

    A rare look inside the workshop of Taylor's garage. Taken in the 1980's
  8. Taylors


    Taylor's garage was probable the largest in the town but most certainly the longest running. Near the end though the garage was brought out by Monfords who continued to repair, sell and supply parts for British Leyland vehicles in Penzance Supplied by Di and Dennis Barnes
  9. Taylors garage

    Taylors garage

    Having enough foresight to recognise the motor car as a credible business was just one of the many talents of MR Taylor who owned Taylor's garage. The garage was situated across the road from where the Jubilee pool is today. Mr Taylor was the very first person to drive a motor car in to Penzance...
  10. Taylors garage

    Taylors garage

    One of the oldest garages in Penzance... Quite likely one of the earliest garages in the country. This picture was taken of Taylor's garage in 1910. By this time he was already a well established business. The guy in the middle of this picture is Mr Taylor himself. This picture taken in 1910
  11. Taylors Garage

    Taylors Garage

    Advertisement taken from the Saundry's Almanac 1936
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