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view of Treneere shops

taken in Treweath road a great view of the shops

view of Treneere shops
trelawnybird, Feb 8, 2008
    • mrsullysgirl
      I used to walk past there and walk to Heamor school, I was dating Richard Balmer at the time, he went to Heamor. I would stop in the shop and buy a block of marzipan and eat the whole thing.
    • missp
      I used to work at the newsagents when it was owned by Jack and Kitty Thomas, they also owned Heamoor News. Teressa Stores came after Jack sold up.
    • treeve
      Which one was the Chip Shop? Is there still one there?
    • Halfhidden
      @Treeve the chip shop was always in the middle (as in this picture with the silver car parked outside) and is there today ::1:
    • sparky
      I used to work in the fish n chip shop owner was called Darrel Ackroyd (known as Daz) back then....I m going back to the 80 s now. ::1: they were the good old days! laugh#
    • treeve
      I am going back to 1950-1960. The fish and chips there then were as good as the one at top of Causewayhead was at that time. I find it really hard to find a decent chip these days, and fish, for the most part is poor quality and doused in layers of burnt batter.
    • denanmor
    • taxicab
      I can go back further than that. The first shop was Cottons shop and I used to go to Camborne Tech with Wendy Cotton. The Second shop was a greengrocers but I can t remember the name. The third shop was the Fish and Chip shop and we were given chips on the counter while waiting for our order and the last one was Eva s shop. They had everything else that you could need but if they didn t have it on your first visit, they would make sure they had it when you came back !
    • treeve
      Now you have made the memory boxes open. ::15:
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    Feb 8, 2008
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