The Childrens ward

The Childrens ward

Taken of a nurse I fancied :) This awful quality picture is of the children's ward in the very early 1980s. I think I'm right in saying that West Cornwall Hospital no longer has a children's ward, supplied by Di and Den
oh my gosh, I remember very clearly being in that ward when I had my tonsils taken out at age 5, I remember getting into trouble because I tried to climb out of one of those windows by the beds.
Absolutely right Sparky! Linda is my wife,she was delighted to see the picture,she has only recently left nursing at west cornwall hospital ::15:
It was my husband that put the comments up!! underneath the pic what a small world!! he said to tell you he is Di Barnes son .(one of them anyway) laugh# laugh#
Wow, I stayed in this ward for a week (asthma) in 1987 - around the time the big storms hit. The windows were exactly the same - with care bears and all.
I think you were in one of those beds with your appendix, or lack of one, weren t you rrrrrichie?!
Yes I was, you made me a hospital radio tape for my walkman! So is there no children s ward anymore then?

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