Marsden Prophet F.R.S.A

Marsden Prophet F.R.S.A

This is the only picture of Marsden Prophet on the internet as far as I know. To say that he was camera shy was far from the truth.... but as it stands today this is the only image that exists of him that I know of.
This picture was taken at Dobwalls steam railway park back in late 1970's. The boy with him was called Alex and lived in Carnstabba Road in St Ives... he would be about 7 years old here.
Marsden Prophet was a member of the F.R.S.A and a Freemason, grand lodge no less. He was also responsible for the creation of the Meadery restaurant chain.
Marsden married once but I'll need to look up her name and details.
Marsden grew up and was educated in St Ives. My father attended the same school. His recollection were that Marsden was a day dreamer and paid little attention to the teachers, often arguing that he knew best... And he proved it. Marsden was able to climb to the pinnacle of his trade and his name was entered into the Who's who consistently from the 1960's
I'll elaborate on this subject shortly after some more research. Marsden Prophet died in early 1990's by committing suicide.
He lived at number 3 Clarence Street.
Normally this picture wouldn't be allowed because it is outside of Penwith. But the importance of this picture outweighs this rule on this occasion. The sheer genius of this man is unlikely to ever be recorded.
I was at HDGS in the 70s with Nicky (from memory?) Prophet - I wonder if he was any relation? The surname must have stuck in my mind being quite unusual - unless it's more common than I know of.
As far as I know Marsden didn't have any offspring. He did have a brother who lived near the top of Morrab Road next to the public library but I'm not sure if he had any children. I'm now tracking down his birth and death certificate to help confirm his extended family. At the moment all I know is that he was born in St Ives in 1933 and attended St Ives Secondary Modern School until 1949.
The surname 'Prophet' is fairly well known in Cornwall; William H M Prophet born 1933 Penzance district for example to Harry Prophet - his mother was surname Mann.

Harold was born Penzance 1908, one of 16 born from 1887 in Penzance district.

Penzance 5c 256 sep qtr 1933 is the information you need to get the full details of the certificate.
Harold's marriage is 5c 320 Mar qtr 1933.
The family should be in the 1891 census.
A painting by Joseph Barker of Bath mid 19th century was acquired from the painter, Marsden Prophet, FRSA, at the Penzance Gallery, in 1980.
He was, or at least claimed to be a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. I recollect entries in the Who's who that stated such.
This is a particularly interesting subject because Marsden Prophet is hardly mentioned anywhere on the net.
I'll try to remember what year's I remember seeing his Who's who entries.... perhaps that will help
Gleanings ....
Identified paintings
Tavern interior figures drinking
Nanquidno Farm
Mousehole Harbour Scene
Lobster Pot
Carnglaze Place [1947] 14 years age?
Portrait of a pekinese.
painting of a mariner
mousehole harbour scene
The Laughing Cavaliers
village scene

Murals at Portreath Retreat Cafe.

Cornish Magical Society; one of the original 18 members 7th Feb 1959. Marsden Prophet.
I live in the Midlands but have been a visitor to Penwith on a number of occaisions staying in Nanquidno Valley. I had never heard of Marsden Prophett until I found a small (8 x 6) oil on board painting signed by him in my local second hand shop. I have been intrigued ever since and have tried to research him on the internet. I dont know if this painting is original, though I don't see why anyone would fake a pinting by someone so obscure. The picture is of Mounts Bay and St Micheals Mount at low tide with a small fishing boat in the foreground.
We are finding it difficult to find pictures and information ourselves, and we live here. I would be interested if there was anything relevant on the back? Or perhaps a note from the shop? It is time that I made another foray into the search.
I knew Marsden in the 60's he used to have coffee with myself and others in a cafe at the top of Morrab Road owned by a Mr Greaves, this we knicknamed the graveyard, the basement was converted with tables shaped like coffins, if I'm right Marsden also did murals there. He was an intriguing person to know and his stories kept us interested for hours.

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