Malamok - 5

Malamok - 5

Malamok nearing completion 2008, Newlyn.

A malamok is a Normandy type of vessel, built over at least the last 80 years,
a versatile ship design for mussels, fish and prawns.
Some catch mackerel or even tunny fish.
This particular vessel named Malamok was up for sale in Penzance wet dock last year (2006),
dressed up like a flower garden.
Malamok also is a nickname for (I believe) the fulmar.
Malamok, was built and registered in St Nazaire, in 1964.
A malamok design typically has drag net / line, chair wooden hull.
Typical size : 57 feet x 19 ft x 8.4 ft; 48,88 grt;
after the 1960s would have been fitted with a Baudouin engine of 160 hp; speed of 9 knots.
She has been in Newlyn for repairs and refit, as well as up on the slipway,
she has had propeller problems, and she has lately been in Penzance wet dock.
The vessel is privately owned and is not registered as a fishing vessel.

Registered at Penzance.

A sturdy vessel, classic French lines, quite beautiful, even though she has had a new wheelhouse fitted.

Raymond Forward
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