King William 4th Closed

King William 4th Closed

One last one for the road.... It seems that the credit crunch is reaching far into th community and isn't stopping at the high streets any longer.
Closed 30th December 2008
I asked myselk the same question this afternoon, passing a group of four youngsters in the lane. Lighting up cigaretees aged between 12 and 14, pathway to self destruction, pleading that they have no money, I have no doubt - the youngest, however, took out a spray can, and pressed the aerosol button, lighting the gas, to form a lethal blast of flames. Precisely why is that necessary except to cause harm or damage, or at least threat. Is that a reflection of the age, or is it the cause?
well Treeve with the youngsters of today we spare too much of the rod and are suffering for it, I say bring back the birch and wake a few up and charge the parents for any damage they do...........
I could not agree more ... well said. Too much of the soft stuff, which affect those in later years, as they do not appreciate the consequences of actions, it flows through into the business and financial world. Life is producing a self culture with no regard for the pain and hardship of others, as a generality. William IV was kind enough to have removed the tax from beer and was honoured in the names of pubs. We live in a different world.
Sorry to be a bit dumb, but where is the King William 4th? I ve heard of it but can t think where it is. Been away too long I suppose.
King William and Sportsmans was owned by the same person, he sold the Sportsmans and it went bust, and then the King William went bust, I dare not say anymore;)

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