James Bond

James Bond

Causewayhead, James Bond car on view outside the cinema do not know the year.
Picture supplied by Di and Den
Is this the Aston Martin DB5? In five films. But the plate is 'GOLD'. That was a Roger Moore film? A good one.
So which year? Goldfinger, Thunderball, GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, or Casino Royale.

Just sen the other picture ... Gornish Gold. Given as Golden Eye.
This is the car which can still be seen at the Gold Centre (now Treasure Park), near Redruth. Their site says
James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 as seen in the film 'Goldfinger'.
couldn't have been 1964 because of Causewayhead furnishers was originally Woodehouse furnishers in the 70's and look at the brickwork on the road that was done late 70's early 80's ????????
I think this was done in the latest part of the 80's but I could be wrong and probably am!!
To put you all out of your misery. This pictures was taken in 1995. The car was on display because the film Golden eye was to be shown at Savoy. The car was on loan from Cornish Goldsmiths who had the car on contract at their display in Redruth. Other clues are the block type paving. I the 80's the road was tarmac and a small pavement. Other clues would be the Penwith Council John the Baptist head poles they shoved all over the town and that didn't happen until the mid 90's and finally Jim's is next door to Causewayhead Furnishing :)

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