Gallic May BCK 108

Gallic May BCK 108

A regular visitor to Penwith's waters and Newlyn. Picture kindly provided by Neil Swanson. Photographed here at Shetland.

Gallic May BCK 108

She was built in 1975 in Dieppe
181 grt; 92 feet
Owners Gallic Shipping Ltd London.
She was one of two sisters; Registered at Buckie.
[Gallic Rose BCK 109, became a Shetland ship c1975 renamed Adenia LK 193, sold to South Africa c1982.]
In 1980, both were fitted with Norwegian Aquaterm RSW chilling units, amongst other major upgrades at Berwick.
Gallic May became Gratitude FR 249.
Eventually laid up at Fraserborough around 1997.
Sold to Spain, and became a tuna fish farm vessel, Mediterranean; up for sale 2006.

The two sisters Gallic may and Gallic Rose fished the South West Mackerel region from c1977 to c1983.

Raymond Forward
My dad Forbes Cameron skippered this vessel for a few years from its launch. We have a picture of him and my mum in Dieppe standing on it just after it was built, not even painted.

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