January 2011 Competition photographs

Competition time! January 2011 Competition named “Men at work” Here are a few basic rules for this competition:- You can upload up to a maximum of 3 Pics, and the title “men at work” can be your own interpretation. So in other words it needn’t be a picture of a road works. You must write a small introduction for your picture sharing any special techniques used. The objective of this completion is not only to have the winning picture, but to share knowledge with each other and improve our photography skills. Sharing skills could also mean the position you stood to get a particular angle, the settings of the camera, the time of day… in fact anything you think would be relevant. The voting will be done through the image rating. And yes you may vote on your own pictures. Simply the picture with the highest rating is the winner. In the event of a draw members will be asked to vote a winner from the pictures in the draw. The winner will receive a bottle of wine (yum, yum) and if the competition is successful we will hold them regularly.


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