Cafe Marina

Cafe Marina

A fire broke out at the Cafe Marina June 14 1935. here is a picture of the damage. For those of you to young to remember Cafe Marina was a cafe and indoor swimming pool situated on the promenade opposite the Beach fields Hotel
Picture supplied by Mike Gendall
As a young boy (10/11 yrs old.) (1953 ish) I found a way into the old swimming pool, It was like a trip back in time ( I have an almost photographic memory!!) I remember the pool and the internal terraces around it. The almost clinical black and white tiling of the pool and surrounding levels. Do you know it is all still there?!?!?! Yes, the buildings were flattened but the pool was just filled. It is still there! Believe me! It really is!! Wouldn t it be great to resurrect another great Edwardian Lido as a counterfoil to the wonderful Art Deco Bathing Pool at the Battery Rocks?? Think on folks. ::6: ::6: ::6:
Now, that is something I did not know .. I wonder if they placed sand and sheeting over the tiles, as is done now to preserve such things.
The place was demolished after the fire, I was having my hair cut at Tom Tregurthers and had to go into the street with the towel around me while they pulled the chimney down
My Mother [Phyliss Bottrell] won the Cornish Championship in that swimming pool when she was 13yrs old
Cheers Brian Richards ::15: read#

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