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Anyone for cricket

Who are they? Is that Tristan Mitchell in the black? This picture was supplied by Neville Brown by kind permission from Bill Cock (headmaster)

Anyone for cricket
Halfhidden, Oct 4, 2008
    • Planet Penwith
      Nope! Its Mark Weeks! The History teachers son. Erm...did you mean the person IN black? lol. Sean Mitchell far left, top. Roy Symons, third fron left and Martin Cartlidge, fourth from Bottom from right: Colin Coombes, Mark Williams and Rob Wakefield (Wakey) with the bat.
    • CHRIS H
      Paul Goody back left and my mate Mark Jones next to Sean!!
    • joec
      no it s DEFIANTLY NOT ME !!!!
    • AnotherWeeksy
      Steven Weeks middle of back row
    • Nobby Hall
      Neil (Pixie) Hollow to Wakey's left? Tony Varker behind him
    • Planet Penwith
      is that Steven Whear in the middle of Mark weeks and Wakey?
    • sheppey
      Paul Goody, Neil marston, Roy Symons, ????, Steven Weeks, Tony Varker, ????, Mark Jones, Sean Mitchell, Mark Weeks, ????, Robert Wakefield, Neil Hollow, Kevin Nicholls and Colin Coombes
    • martyn
      Paul Goody,Neil Marsdon,Roy Symons,Martyn Cartlidge,Steven Weeks,Tony Varker,???,Mark Jones,Sean MitchellMark Weeks,Robert Carow,Robert Wakefield,Neil Hollow,Kevin Nicholls,Colin Coombes
    • mountsbayray
      @martyn The missing name is Simon Mildren who died a couple of years ago in a car accident
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    Oct 4, 2008
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