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Alverton County Primary School 1965 Mrs White's Class

Head Teacher Mr Lees. Class Mrs White Back Row left: Mrs White, Peter Eddy, Ashle Tallon, Lesley Barnes, Graham Drew, Amanda Cougan, Adrian Searl, Gillian Guy, Keith Davis, Jandamine Ralph Barry Chivers. 3rd row: Paul Semmens, Susan May, Steven Lloyd, Christopher Harris Claire Brown, Julie Thurborne, Nigel Tonkin, Juliet Vingo, Nicholas Mathews, Linda Evans, Dennis Curnow, Leslie Roberts. 2nd row: Angela Roberts, Rosemary Craft, Susan Marment, Linda Horn, Christine Turner,Elizabeth Hosking, Judith Balsan, Karen Mitchell, Susan Curtiss, Vanessa Vouncombe, Julie Collins, Maria Howis Front row: Anthony Launder, Paul Reid, Martin Curnow, Martin Chadder, Peter Williams, Nichola Brown, Robert James, Oliver Ridge Photograph supplied by Sue Semmens

Alverton County Primary School 1965 Mrs White's Class
Halfhidden, Jun 25, 2009
    • jeremylees
      I know two names from this photo: Linda Horn and Susan May. Linda Horn is a year older than me and I was at Grammar School in '65. Susan May is a year younger then me and I think she would have been at Grammar School too by then, so I'm a bit confused.
    • tabtab13
      Angela Roberts - used to live next door to me when we were kids! She had an older sister called Alison, and younger sister called Isobel (not sure on spelling) and a younger brother who's name has slipped my memory.
    • jeremylees
    • jeremylees
      Having checked on Susan May's entry on Friends Reunited for when she started Grammar School, I was very surprised to see that she went to Tolcarne Primary. She did have a younger sister though and it's very possible she went to Alverton, as the family lived in Toltuff Crescent right opposite the school!

    • tabtab13
      There was a brother too - David May. Lent me his Alice Cooper's 'Billion Dollar Babies' when I was a teenager (I too grew up in Toltuff Crescent).
    • jeremylees
      Really? I lived there for a short while myself after my Father re-married and before we all moved to Mousehole (Me, Father, step-mother and step-brother Martyn Guest).
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    Jun 25, 2009
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