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The Moon Landings, did it really happen or was it the biggest illusion of its time ??

Discussion in 'Conspiracy theories' started by Pokerboy, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. Halfhidden

    Halfhidden Untouchable Staff Member Administrator

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    No you never posted a message here. Messages cannot be deleted by anyone other than me! All other admins can only soft delete and in that case you will see a message saying that an admin has removed the comment.
  2. Pokerboy

    Pokerboy Dev Team Administrator

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    Good question BOP well my initial answer to that is simple once you've fooled the people once it's easy to fool again, out of all the other moon visits was there extensive video footage and photographs to compliment them as like the first mission to the moon was available to be seen by all. I'm going to look into this question more deeply and I'll come back to you with a more professional answer after I've finished work tonight.
  3. treeve

    treeve Major Contributor

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    In short just Why does it matter anyway? By adding so much "interest" are we not promoting the very concept itself?
  4. P_Trembath

    P_Trembath The Best

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