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The Big Design Challenge

Discussion in 'News' started by Halfhidden, Nov 30, 2010.

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    There are 530,000 people living in Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly and we face many challenges.
    From rural isolation and unaffordable homes to cuts in health services and education.
    But a pioneering five month long project, is aiming to tackle some of the biggest issues facing the people and communities of Cornwall.
    The project gives you the chance to raise issues and concerns, with the possibility of making real change.
    [​IMG] The project tackle some of the biggest issues facing the people and communities of Cornwall

    The Big Design Challenge Cornwall was launched on November 18.
    Project manager, Kathryn Woolf, explains: "The Big Design Challenge is a practical way to address Cornwall's issues through community action, inspiring local people to come forward with challenges and design solutions that have potential to improve peoples lives.
    "We want as many people to come forward and suggest an issue that they think is important to them and to Cornwall.
    "Once we have them all we will begin the process of looking at which ones can be addressed."
    Dott programme director, Andrea Siodmok said: "When you want to create a big revolution it often starts with small changes.
    "We want to empower people to come forward with good ideas, whether it's someone in the street or Cornwall Council's chief executive, and begin to make the small changes that can have a real impact.
    [​IMG] What are your issues concerns the health services?

    "The world is changing so let's seize the opportunity. "I think this will be fascinating to see how this evolves and moves forward in ways which we cannot predict."
    Between now and Christmas the BDCC team will be collecting challenges and ideas relating to different themes: public services, infrastructure and environment, education and skills, work and industry, health and care and home and community.
    The ideas will then be collated and after Christmas six projects will be selected and given six weeks, funding and support to develop them for a Dragon's Den style pitch, which will see one winner receive a funding pot of £10,000.
    Education Consultant, Will Coleman said: "Historically, rather than relying on the Westminster Government or even the local council to solve our problems, Cornish communities got on with sorting it out for themselves.
    "The Big Design Challenge could provide the catalyst and the crucible for us to rediscover our ingenuity and resilience, and make a difference."
    Watch the BDCC videos identifying the challenges we face

    Big Design Challenge: Home & Community

    Big Design Challenge: Health

    Big Design Challenge: Education
    Raise your concerns
    Challenges already put forward to the project's website - - include the issues of affordable housing and rural isolation.
    For more information and to submit a challenge or a solution to an issue that has been posted visit
    You can also submit ideas by searching 'Big Design Challenge Cornwall' on Facebook, through Big Cornwall (BigCornwall) on Twitter, or by texting 07781 472608 (standard rates apply).

    Article BBC

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