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Sancreed School Photos

Discussion in 'Schools' started by Amos, Jan 28, 2010.

By Amos on Jan 28, 2010 at 12:01 PM
  1. Amos


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    Anyone help me? I'm after some school year photos from when I first joined as a toddler to the final year in which it closed! I joined 1974-5 (I think). Would love to hear from old pupils!


Discussion in 'Schools' started by Amos, Jan 28, 2010.

    1. sparky
      Hi Amos, unfortunatley my mum can't find any of her Pictures of me when I attended the school, I remember that she took a few pictures of all of the sports day...but alas cannot find them.

      I have taken some pics of the school, (as it is now a house) and the grounds as they are now, but have not had the time to go back and revisit to take more photo's.

      Hope you are well Amos? long time no see as they say...
    2. Amos
      big Hello

      Sports day pics, oh boy! Its a shame she cant find them! I'm trying to remember you but I just cant at the moment! Do you know Jason and Bena?
      My folks still live n sancreed! I'm asking around to see if I can collect some photos on line. There are so little around.
      I will be asking Julian Hosking at some point and a few others.

      I'm avavliable on facebook by the way - web addrss on profile. Its shame to let sancreed school just dissapear into the ether without some proof of its existence!

      I go down to Sancreed a few times a year so I can add some photos here!

      Very nice to speak to you.
    3. Amos
      Jason my freind has a photo back in the seventies (cant believe I'm using that style of english) when I 1st joined the school. A that time Mr Bond was headmaster and I had Mrs May. Photo will appear soon!

      I think he has one other later photo but I will ask around
    4. sparky
      Hi, yep know Jason & Bena, see Jason quite regulary as he is best mates with my brother Michael, I'm Tracey by the way (hosken) now married with two children of my own, hope that Julian has some photo's, also take a look at P Trembath's pics as there is some in his folder, also look through mine (sparky)
      or just type in sancreed in the search bar and up they will come.

      Its good to look through pictures....
      nice to see you on here....hope you enjoy the site!
    5. Amos
      Hi tracey,
      Finally know who you are! Well I have created a facebook page just to see if I can attract more attension. You never know I might get another 2 pepople to join! lol
      Wish you all the best for 2010!
    6. sparky
      Hi, I'll take a look on facebook, hope you had a good Christmas and I wish you all the best also for 2010.

      look forward to seeing any pics of Sancreed....::1:
    7. Amos
      Amos ere again

      Can I knab one of your photos of Sancreed school?
    8. sparky
      Amos, I have sent you a Private Message (PM) please take a look, it will be under your user CP.::1:
    9. Amos
      You had one facing the back of Sancreed school in the small field next to the school. I have already put a link to
      your collection of photos! I'm hoping that with enough material, history, etc, we would be able to share more resources. I dont have a problem with the water mark!

      the link to the web page is

      Many Regards

    10. Amos
      Nearly forgot,

      Last edited by a moderator: Jan 28, 2010
    11. Amos

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