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New gas lamps and redecorated St Johns Hall 1907


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St. John's Hall, Penzance, which is to be reopened on Friday 28th June 1907, after extensive renovation, was hardly recognised as the once drab and rather uninviting hall of recent date. The directors had gone in for wholesale improvements, and the work had been admirably carried out by Messrs. R. Colenso and Son. The Lecture Hall has been redecorated in a greenish tint with very artistic frieze, and looked, far more cosy and pleasant than of yore. St. John's Hall itself has been greatly improved. A new system of lighting had been installed hastened by the fact that three of the old gas pendants fell to the ground—and the lighting was to be accomplished by the Sugg's system of incandescent burners extending from the walls. These were designed by the Borough Engineer (Mr. F. Latham) and not consume nearly as much gas as the old jets. Each group of burners had a shell like reflector and most brilliant lighting effect was the result. An advantage was that the whole lighting system was controllable by one tap fixed at the side of the stage.

By the removal of the old gas jets the ventilation of the building had been greatly improved, a fact which was greatly appreciated. The walls had been redecorated and the various parts of the balcony re-gilded, forming a most harmonious combination. The passages, side entrances and corridors had come under the decorators' brush, some for the first time since the building was erected, and the interior now was quite in keeping with the imposing appearance of the exterior.

You can read the whole history of Suggs gas lighting on their website here