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Lescudjack School "Houses"

Discussion in 'Schools' started by duffy, Oct 10, 2008.

By duffy on Oct 10, 2008 at 7:06 AM
  1. duffy

    duffy Member

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    I was chattting to Sparky last night, as you do, well maybe not from Oman very often!! Anyway, I remembered that we used to have "Houses" at Lescudjack. I remeber the names of three of them, RESTOMAL, LANDER and TREVITHICK but can't for the life of me remember the fourth!!

    We were given a shield shaped badge that was in your house colour, mine was Restormal and was yellow.

    Anybody remember the details of the others?? Anyone still have theirs? Perhaps a scanned picture would jolt people's memories.??? ???

    Duffy :D :D


Discussion in 'Schools' started by duffy, Oct 10, 2008.

    1. Halfhidden
      I spoke to Reese Owen (Taffy) an English teacher at Lescudjack from 1959 - 1980. He says that there were only three houses and the ones you listed were correct. He can only remember the Restormal colour as that was his house..... and yes that was yellow.
      More to follow soon T{
    2. JohnW
      In my day at Lescudjack, there were 4 coloured houses-Blue-Red-Green-Yellow. These were named St.Mawes, St. Michaels, Restormel, and Pendennis. I hope this answers your query.
    3. Halfhidden
      hmm, perhaps there were house changes at some stage. I remember that the houses were named after castles.... I'll ask about and see if we can't get a comprehensive list of houses and dates. :)
    4. Evo
      Yep! JohnW is correct,

      Pendennis = Red
      St.Mawes = Blue
      Restormal = Yellow
      St.Michaels = Red

      I'm pretty sure the colours are correct.

    5. Planet Penwith
      Planet Penwith
      Oh yeah! I remember those. In my day it was:

      RESTOMAL - Yellow
      LANDER - Red
      TREVITHICK - Green
      GRENVILLE - Blue

      I think! :-\ lol. I know I was in Trevithick
    6. Evo
      I've never heard of the last 3 there. The ones I remember are the castles as I posted, I was at the school from 1971 - 1977 though so it may be that he "houses" changed before or after my time at Lescudjack.

    7. feeba281
      I was there from 71 to 76 and grenville was a house name and it was blue
    8. david
      Hi, Duffy your memory is well out.When we started yellow wasTrencrom,red wasSt Michaels,blue was Poldhu, not sure what green was.Part way through our time they were changed,yellow to Restormel,red stayed St michaels,blue to St Mawes and green Pendennis.The early ones were all HILLS and the later ones CASTLES.Some duff spelling by the way,some of our teachers would have had a bit to say.
    9. Evo

      feeba281, we were there at the same time and I cannot for the life of me remember a house called Grenville. We were allocated houses in the first year I'm pretty sure, and stuck with the same one throughout. Anyone else got more info??

    10. missp
      hi evo, pendennis was green ,the others are correct thou
    11. Evo

      Oh my god!! Thanks P, I was in Pendennis too, what was I thinking, ha, ha
    12. missp
      maybe a senior moment evo, i`ve had a few myself this week, scary >:D
    13. Nobby Hall
      Nobby Hall
      House/Team names and colours

      ::1:Hang on guys, I think some people are getting mixed up with House/Team colours from St. Paul's. I was at Lescudjack from '74 'til 79. All the houses/Teams were named after castles. I was in Pendennis-Green throughout I think the others were;
      I Remember Pendennis being green as I was griping about having to get a new rugby shirt on leaving St. Paul's as I was in;
      Grenville-Blue others were
      Lander-Yellow.......I think
      Last edited: Feb 23, 2010
    14. bear
      OK I can't remember all the colours, but Pendennis was definitely green. I was at Lescudjack from 1963 -1968ish. The house names were
      St Michaels
      St Mawes.
      Named (as has been said) after castles.
      One big change whilst I was there was the school blazer badge. When I started it was a gold/yellow castle on a black background, but later it was changed to the Penzance type emblem. i.e The fisherman, the tin miner and the chough framing the 15 bezants, with the school motto beneath reading "honour before honours". I think I can still remember the words of the school song. Written I believe by Mr Harris.
      Last edited by a moderator: Jun 2, 2010
    15. fleagle
      Thought I would mention Hayle School; the 'houses' in the 1960's were:

      Carwyn - blue
      Tolroy - yellow
      Penhale - red
      Godrevy - green

      I think Carwyn and Tolroy were 'manors', Godrevy I'm assuming is after the lighthouse, I donot know about Penhale. There does not seem to be a connection between the names, however I am sure there is someone who knows the answer.
    16. mwpl
      Lescudjack School Song

      There’s a school whose name an honour gives
      To the county of its birth,
      Lescudjack for undying fame,
      High aim and honest worth,
      High aim and honest worth
      For the beating of our eager hearts
      Gives rhythm to the song,
      And honour rings like trumpet call
      To speed our journey long.
      May our steps be ever steady
      May our hearts be ever strong,
      And the school still flourish as we march along.

      Forward out school.
      Singing this song
      Shoulder to shoulder
      Still going strong
      On to your goal,
      Each ardent soul,
      Forward brave comrades
      Forward our school

      There’s a school we honour with our hearts,
      ‘Tis the school we love the best,
      We will not fear to face the world
      Whatever be the test,
      Whatever be the test.
      Lescudjack we belong to thee,
      May all our hearts be true
      May thy fame rise throughout the years
      May thy praise all renew.
      So, rising like a banner
      Still pointing to the skies,
      May the school go ever onward, ever rise:-
    17. Halfhidden
      Wow, did you type that from memory?
    18. Nobby Hall
      Nobby Hall

      I never knew we had a school song, can't remember it ever being sung. Pity really, it's rather good. I'll write it down if that's ok?
    19. shazbrad
      Oh bleddy hell I think I remember I was in red house but can't for the life of me remember what it was called This was 1975/1980!! Don't know why but I'm sure Pendennis was yellow that year and St Mawes Purple but maybes I'm wrong It was long time ago lol
      sparky likes this.

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