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Image of The Day -The Woodhouse team

Discussion in 'Members image of the day' started by Halfhidden, Jun 29, 2020.

  1. Halfhidden

    Halfhidden Untouchable Staff Member Administrator

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    How Causewayhead has changed (part 2) By Wendy Richards Delete Raise Position Lower Position Edit
    53/54 Was Co-op store before becoming Kentucky Fried Chicken then Favourite Fried Chicken now Goldcrest Office Supplies.
    51 Hobbs was previously Richards cycle shop.
    50 Walkers jewellers was a newsagents.
    43 Rogers the butchers now Rare book shop. Near here was Hollows the fruit shop.
    Below the Farmers Arms is the Mounts Bay Music shop this used to be James the butchers shop.
    On the opposite side of the street.
    36 Healing Star it's been many things. A furniture shop and prior the Greenhouse selling fruit and veg, before that Mr Patterson had it as a model shop.
    Waves Cafe used to be Bendix laundrette and prior to that SWEB.
    26 Jean Barry soap shop was Lewington estate agent until the mid 90's.
    25 The Lighthouse Gallery was Curnow wet fish shop.
    24 The Leather craft shop was previously Jinks jewellery and watch repairs.
    18 Lanxon's sports shop before becoming Cobblers Last.
    17 Robinson's Travel Agents became Pickfords then Going Places before they moved further down the street. Then Bennetts gas shop and now M and J Florist.
    The area of the Cinema Hollywood Pizza bar used to be New Man menswear run by Alan Hole.
    15D Was Wood the Chemist now the Granary.
    15C Oxfam was previously Hutchens plumbing and ironmongery run by Mr and Mrs Bolitho.
    15B R and E Electrical became Josling Electrical then Temptations lady's cloths shop before becoming The Weigh Inn.
    15 Now Olivers cloths shop was Causewayhead Booze and before this another cloths shop and prior Manzi Jewellery shop.
    Barnardo's and Colour Bureau are part of a redevelopment. The previous shops in this area were:-
    Hooker Hall's sweet shop.
    Sheila King Antiques.
    Humphreys delicatessen.
    Causeway Grill run by Bill Clayton.
    8/9 Army and Navy stores now Mount’s Bay Trading Co.
    4 Peaks wallpaper and paint became McFradden butchers now Moshulu.
    3 Also Peaks paint shop, then furniture shop before becoming a temporary residence for Newlyn Art Gallery while they were having their redevelopment at Newlyn. It's now No 36 lady's jewellery and accessories.
    T.Mobile was a men's cloths shop run by Derrick Dowrick prior to this Bevell's shoe shop.
    Below the hop way to the car park was Rogers sweet shop this became part of Bevell's shoe shop, later a jewellery shop before becoming Age Concern charity shop. It's now Leavy Herbs health shop.

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