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Green Street Improvements April 1898

Discussion in 'Wharf, Docks and Promenade' started by Halfhidden, Feb 28, 2016.

By Halfhidden on Feb 28, 2016 at 10:58 PM
  1. Halfhidden

    Halfhidden Untouchable Staff Member Administrator

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    A special meeting of Penzance Town-Council to consider proposed improvements of Green-street, was held on Wednesday morning 6th April 1898. The mayor Alderman W. H. Julyan presided, and there were also present Aldermen W. Bazeley ex-mayor. H. Michel), J. Caldwell, and W. T. L. Perry, Councillors J. H. Tonking, H. Trembath, J. R. Trenwith, J. Bond. C. Hill. G. Poole, R. Pearce Couch, W. Colenso, J. H. Bennetts, H. Daniel. A. K. Barnett. S. Y. Dale Hall, J. A. Fox, and J. Dustow; with the clerk Mr. T. Cornish, assistant clerk Mr. E. C. Scobey, surveyor Mr. G. H. Small, and inspector Mr. N. C. Whear.
    The Council considered four schemes for making the proposed road the scheme recommended by the Highway-committee proposes widen the Promenade road at Sandy bank to 40 feet, removing some portions of the houses at South-place, Sandy-bank. (purchased by the Corporation, carrying on the road at the same width by widening on the southern side of Green-street. also purchased by the Corporation.) as far as Messrs. Batten and Couch's copper ore yard. In order to do this small piece of the copper ore yard will have to be purchased.

    The scheme also embraces the widening of Coinage-hall Street removing several of the houses on the northern side of the street, so as to give a roadway of 40ft. wide, as far as Barbican-lane. From this spot it is proposed to remove a house and shop, and portion of the Western Counties Agricultural company's store, finally reaching the road near the harbour-office, the width of the road being 40ft. all the way. Another scheme will have the same features as the first up to the copper ore yard. From there the plan shows the widening on the southern side of Coinage-hall street, practically doing away with the business premises of Messrs. Batten and Couch, ultimately reaching the harbour office road The difference between these two schemes is that the first proposes to widen on the northern side of Coinage Hall street, while the second proposes to take away the southern side.

    A third scheme has the same features as far as, and including the copper-ore yard, and the suggestion is that from that point the road should go right through Coinage Hall-street, New inn court. Treludras court, Messrs. Hooper's and Rowe's shops, coming out at the bottom of Quay-street

    A fourth scheme proposes not to interfere with the property Green-street at all, but to extend the Promenade road from South-Place Sandy-bank, to Batten's wharf, passing along the Wharf through Battery-square, and the lime-kiln, ultimately reaching the road adjoining the harbour office. The feeling of the Council seemed to favour of the first scheme, but it was ultimately decided to defer a decision until the next Council meeting on April 13.


Discussion in 'Wharf, Docks and Promenade' started by Halfhidden, Feb 28, 2016.

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