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Cornwall council at it again. Will Option "A" ever die.

Discussion in 'Penzance Harbour Development 2008' started by Halfhidden, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. Halfhidden

    Halfhidden Untouchable Staff Member Administrator

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    It seems to me that the Seafront and harbour is one of the most important assets the town of Penzance has. So why then is Cornwall Council still trying to trash plans to improve the area based upon local plans and opinions. It seems to me that the unpopular "option A" is still their only objective in one form or other.
    Here is a message from John Maggs that came through today.
    [FONT=&amp]Town Council scheme threatened by continued Cornwall Council intransigence


    Penzance Town Council has asked the Department for Transport to allow it to continue with the development of its scheme for Penzance Harbour despite Cornwall Council’s refusal to support it.

    The Town Council scheme, developed with substantial public involvement and the help of consultants, involves the regeneration of the Green Sheds and Meadery area, widening and redevelopment of the North Arm, and dredging in the entrance to the harbour. Cornwall Council are refusing to support all of the scheme bar the dredging and instead want the grant money that would have been spent on regeneration to be spent on Rock Armour to be placed along the historic Grade II* listed South Pier.

    For more on this, including why rock armour will harm the town and should be resisted please go to:

    John Maggs
    Friends of Penzance Harbour
    01736 332741, 07966 322379
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2012

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