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Andrew's Leg (what we described as an ulcer)

Discussion in 'Politics religion money and health' started by sparky, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. sparky

    sparky Authoritarian Staff Member Administrator

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    Well here goes for a very long story about Andrew our youngest son who in beginning of June 2010 had several odd lumps almost bruise like marks appear, he had one on each fore arm, near his wrist and one on his lower leg at the back and another at the top of his leg at the back.
    Before I go much further I must WARN READERS that the photo’s that are uploaded to show the progression can be disturbing & rather gory.
    The lumps on his fore arms appeared to go down, but he could still feel a lump similar size of a small pea, and was asked to keep an eye on them.
    View attachment 425 View attachment 426

    [FONT=&quot]During the next few weeks the bruise mark on his lower leg changed into almost what looks like a round burn mark which has formed a black scab, and in later weeks became much bigger & also had red inflammation around it which spread, which looked like to the doctor an infection, as the skin tends to go red in most cases
    [/FONT] View attachment 427 [FONT=&quot]The doctors have no idea what it is, and we are awaiting an appt with a dermatologist skin consultant, now since then it has got a lot worse and has broken out to what we can only describe as an ulcer, [/FONT] View attachment 428
    He has been prescribed 3 lots of antibiotics so far....none of them seem to be working. ( for the last 3 weeks) the first one was penicillin and he reacted badly to it, so then was given doxcycline 100mg (has taken these for just over 2 weeks) now has been given amoxicillin 500mg taken 3 times a day Started 6th august)
    Had several swabs, blood tests taken, all come back negative (and more importantly he has NO infection in his blood)
    Been checked for Chrones disease and diabetes, all have come back negative.
    However as we are currently house sitting we have noticed (only this week) a slight drop in his appetite, been leaving his meals, and a cough.(cough the last 2 days)
    Any ideas of what he could have? We reckon he has a Rare form of cellutitis....but which one?
    Also he’s going back on Monday to see Doctor and nurse before they open as they want to admit him to give him antibiotics through a drip (which I’m not sure this will help) but at this point will try anything.
    View attachment 429 View attachment 430

    today Andrew’s wound looks a lot better (we think) so fingers crossed that the clyndamycin antibiotics IV drip is working.
    [FONT=&quot]Saw two of the dermatology consultants who now think that Andrew has A very rare skin disorder and he is also Auto Immune. I must add at this point that Andrew was feeling fine in himself and although looking through the pictures and how horrific they look, he said that this was never sore or painful, just felt a bit odd, as it would he said as I have a hole in my leg.! The only time it was slightly painful was when the dressing was removed too quickly, or when cream was used to rub in lightly around the wound. As the later stages as the wound began to smaller and nit together his skin around it became very dry. The clyndamycin (they have come across a problem with as there are only 5 doses left nationwide) and will have to come up with an alternative antibiotic [/FONT] by tomorrow evening,They found some more in another hospital and transferred them across; he was in hospital for about a week bored out of his head!
    They think he has what’s called the technical term “pyogenic granuloma”.....(PG for short) which is a VERY RARE skin disorder especially in children at the age 14years, this skin disorder is normally found in Men who are in their 40’s, and they don’t really know what causes it.
    Now he’s been giving 5 lots of steroids to stop/reduce the inflammation around the ulcer/wound.
    Also been given a silver lining dressing which helps grow new skin cells much quicker.( very expensive stuff!!)

    Now been on the silver dressing for a couple of weeks now you can see the new cells starting to re grow, also he is on 28 tablets a day, and has to be reduced by one tablet each week, as he on the strongest steroids.
    View attachment 431 View attachment 432
    His latest appt at treliske was on the 17th November by this time he only had a couple of weeks left to finish his course of steroids, the consultant wanted him on for another 6-10 weeks we refused this as Andrew had now put on quite a bit of weight over 1 stone in fact, plus he (I know he a teenager) has got serious acne all over his face.
    So we went against the consultants decision, and Andrew who has now finished all medication, is starting to loose the weight he put on, but at a very slow rate, his acne, well he was given some cream from his GP, and this is now starting to clear up. We have a follow up appt at Treliske in march 2011, will probably give an update then or thereafter.

    Also now Andrew has been told to be ever so more vigilant if he should cut himself, or if he should have more lumps appear anywhere on his body, also MORE IMPORTANTLY any stomach upset,pains,problems going to the toilet etc, as these can lead to a more serious condition, as he can be more suceptable to chrones disease or bowel problems. Thanks for reading xx

    View attachment 433 View attachment 434

    Last edited: Feb 12, 2011

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