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  1. ibrowze

    Sundays at the Pirate Inn, Alverton

    Ollie will be creating a chilled relaxing atmosphere as he sings a variety of classic songs infused with humour, romance and nostalgia originally recorded by the likes of Bob Dylan, The Eagles, Steely Dan, The Beatles, Bob Marley, Pink Floyd, The Kinks, The Beach Boys, Little Feat and many...
  2. Round the Bend

    Round the Bend

    Recognise this Penzance bend? Can only be seen like this after stitching.
  3. Old Cottage Alverton

    Old Cottage Alverton

    This picture was sent to my grandfather on 21/11/1913 from a Mr. F Nicholls of 21 Jubilee Road, Newquay. He encloses a copy of the photograph and asks my grandfather to oblige him by saying whose birthplace it was.... do we know?
  4. Old Cottage Alverton - Miss Pollard

    Old Cottage Alverton - Miss Pollard

    Old Cottage Alverton with Miss Pollard written on the back by Christopher Ludlow from the Vaughan T. Paul Series, Morrab Studio, Penzance
  5. A Mazey Day Procession

    A Mazey Day Procession

    Along Alverton Street in 1992
  6. View from Lloyds 1

    View from Lloyds 1

    Looking West along Alverton Street
  7. Alverton Street

    Alverton Street

    From the Greenmarket
  8. Not as bad as it looks.

    Not as bad as it looks.

    I did manage to squeeze by. Another few feet and this happy go lucky driver would have completely blocked the pavement to Alverton St.
  9. Looking down Alverton Street

    Looking down Alverton Street

    Towards Lloyds Bank and the town centre. 1991
  10. Alverton Street

    Alverton Street

    Looking down Alverton Street from the the Green Market end. Starting with the Camelot, Whites of Alverton and finally The Western Hotel (now the department of work and pensions) Picture supplied by John Gendall
  11. Alverton Street

    Alverton Street

    Looking up Alverton Street towards the Green Market. Trewhella the butcher (phone number 2651) Jumbos cafe, Whites of Alverton (on the left and further up the road on the left Nat West Bank (hardly changed a bit) Picture supplied by John Gendall
  12. Alverton Street

    Alverton Street

    Well this is Alverton Street as you've probably never seen it before. Taken from the roof of Lloyd's Bank in 1994. You can see Abbey National bank in the fore ground.
  13. Alverton Road Penzance

    Alverton Road Penzance

    This is Alverton road in Penzance. St Johns hall stands to the right. I'm not sure of the date of this picture... can you help?