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Wherry Town 1950s

Wherry Town 1950s

Taken in the 1950s this is Wherry Town. The cottages on the right have all been knocked down to be replaced by UMB Harvey (later Jewsons), the Co-op, Lidle and some flats. Ironicly, it's all going to be knocked down again soon! the person pushing the pram is Ron James and David James is in the pram, and the person walking the dog is Ron's cousin Ivor.
Picture supplied by Ron and Tricia James
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My children s great-grandparents lived in Coastguard Row. Marion Ross (nee Richards), now sadly deceased, told me even though they lived on the seaward side they never got flooded.
Can anyone tell me why they were demolished - surely not just to build the Co-Op, Harveys etc? And can anyone tell me the origins of the name Wherry Town?
The Town was in the fore of ensuring that housing was to modern standards with bathrooms and inside toilets, etc. These houses were considered sub-standard, and in the process of building new housing, some old cottages were sold off to become commercial sites, so yes, they were demolished to allow for new luxury housing as Beachfield Court, Harvey s Building Yard, Cooperative....
As far as Wherry Town is concerened, I have written elsewhere about that on site, about the old mine workings named after the wherries that was used to reach the mine and how a small group of worker s cottages were built here.
Time Past album; four images of Wherry Mine and its history.
Thanks! Might you know if the cottage occupants had any choice in the matter? I ve always thought so much more could be done in that area and don t think luxury flats is the answer - if that s still the plan where MFI used to be. Shame about the car park too - you hardly ever see many cars there. Seem to remember that was a bit of a wasteland in the 70s - or that might have just been where the skate park is now. DIg it up I say and get some plants in there!
I know one of the land and cottage owners, who had to sell off their property; there was no matter of choice - the occupants were given new housing to the contemporary standard. The luxury flats were a geat project at the time, but time has been unkind to them. We are fast running through a period of ill conceived and ill-considered schemes. The latest farce here of course was the Alexandra Road scheme, which fell flat over a matter of a few thousand pounds. I note JandE Regan are now postered on site. Let s hope the buildings are completed to remove this eyesore of greed.

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