Staff Cricket Team 1963

Staff Cricket Team 1963

Back row: Jim Batten, Alex Hayter, Malcolm Rudlin, Maurce Hogg, Keith Bennett, Les Morris, Brian Blackler, Ron Skelley. / Front row: Eric Guard, Bob Horne, Hugh Harvey, Frank Murray, John Grover
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I can name many of these.
Jim Batten, Alex Hayter, Malcolm Rudlin, Maurice Hogg, Brian Bennett, ?, Brian Blackler , ? SKelly
Eric Guard, Bob Horne, Hugh Harvey, Frank Murray, ?
Thanks for your interest - you presumably didn't notice that all of the men in this photo. are named in the 'description' under the title of the image. Your memory served you well - the two you couldn't identify are Les Morris in the back row and John Grover in the front row. Mr. Skelley's forename was Ron and he was known by that name amongst the staff but I believe he was known as 'Dick' Skelley among the boys.
Christopher M. Tankard I can confirm that Mr Skelley was certainly known as Dick Skelley amongst the boys and he was the Head of the Physics Department. I joined HDGS in 1964 after having moved with my parents and brother from Enfield in Middlesex. I did Physics at 'A'Level although I did not finish the course. I remember one occasion we were working with samples of radio active materials. They were kept in lead llined boxes with radio active signs on the top and we had to handle them with care and take readings from them on a geiger counter. Then we went downstairs after the readings and took a bit of granite from the School hedge and took a reading from that...Far Higher than the samples in the lead lined boxes.
This was years before they decided that we should all have our homes tested for radio-active Radon. What a farce that was.

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