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Railway Hotel

Railway Hotel

The Railway Hotel 1895
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I'm intrigued by the lamp on the left. I'm wondering that if after the hotel was demolished, the lamp was taken and installed above what is now CostCutter (I think) at the bottom of Market Jew Street?
Should have guessed the lamp would be in the Mystery Pics! See: http://picturepenzance.co.uk/gallery/removed28pictures-that-have-already-been-guessed-29/p9219-ev-26-2339-3bnin-all.html and see what you think.
The Hotel was a part of the system of Post Coaches, as were others in Town.
Vaults, usually meant that they were making it known that there was plenty of stock available. Some Inns offered services somewhat like a bank, whereby goods could be stored safely whilst the gentleman travelled out of the County.
The building still exists all that has happened is the frontage has been altered with that canopy. As to the lamp, it would not surprise me that a lamp had been sold to the pub up the road, when the canopy was built.
Ah yes - I 'see' it now. The Western Hotel also had a rather nice lamp above the door too by the looks of it - see: http://picturepenzance.co.uk/gallery/time-past/p1612-western-hotel.html - gas lit I'm assuming? Shame we don't see them anymore. A question of cost, too 'old fashioned' - or Health and Safety, do you think?!
Just look at that pathetic attempt to replace the lamps in front of the Municipal Buildings, they are a joke. Craftsmen are needed to create such gems, and they cost money. After all it is a special skill, and also requires care and attention, dedication, all rare qualities in government departments. One problem you touch on is HSE (spit). Choices are limited in accordance with the expected litigation; I wish that could be extended to other areas of Town Planning and design (monitoring of car parks for disabled, for example).

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