Quay Street

Quay Street

Looking up Quay Street Penzance in 1913
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does anyone know the name of the hotel I thought at first glance it was the dolphin, but that was further back in my opinion (as it is now, and not in this pic) or is it? I'm not really sure...
Amazing picture. It looks like a still from a colour cine film or something. Is this colour natural or painted on?
That definitely is the Dolphin. The harbour office to the left was demolished at some point.
An awesome find. More like this please!
@denanmor the colour is natural. It was the first system of colour to be mass produced. It was known as Autochrome Lumier and was invented in 1907 but didn't really get used until about 1910. In about 1930 a better colourisation system was on the market and Autochrome was pretty much dropped.
That said, the principles of Autochrome is still used today in digital cameras. The sensors in the digital camera, Bayer filters work in much the same way as Autochrome did. So it is interesting to learn that 104 years on and we are still using this system, albeit a modern version of it.
Very interesting. It does remind me of cine film though. It's good to be able to see colours from 98 years ago. Who would have thought the Dolphin would be that lovely shade of dark red...

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