Paul Church
In the absence of a response, I have wriiten to Pam Jones, for specific reply.
Possibly the tapestry near the Font. However, I feel that this intricate and expressive work needs more recognition. :)
The Altar Cloth it may well be, but this work needs special note, otherwise it (like this site) will fall ino the category of inconsequential drivel, which is so very prevalent on the net, these days.
My apologies - I should have put a note of where it was in the Church.This "cloth" was at the Altar and, as it is beautifully embroidered, I thought I would include it with the other photo'sI have no idea who made it otherwise I would have given more information.I am not sure what "inconsequent drivel" means ! It just seemed a nice idea to put it here for people to see.
It is particularly fine in work and design, I have no idea, yet as to how many were involved, or for how much time. :)

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