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Cheap Jacks

This picture Supplied by Mike Gendall shows Coombe Road as it use to look in the 1980's Tree hanging over and a lovely green illumination from the leaves. This is Cheap Jacks the bolt on to the annual fair. I don't want 50p for this 42 inch colour plasma tv ... I'm not even asking 25p... No that's right I'm going to give you money and was like it was at Cheap Jacks lol.

Cheap Jacks
Halfhidden, Mar 28, 2008
    • sparky
      theres no humps in the road!!! ..... boy how things have changed!! laugh# laugh# great to see a pic of cheap Jacks though has anyone else got any? or of the fair? love to see them laugh# laugh#
    • Halfhidden
      you mean sleeping policeman on the road... anyway today that job would be done by a PCSO.... So I guess we should call them sleeping PCSO s
    • treeve
      unlike banks that have branches everywhere, our trees are being lost at a rate of knots, something I am always barking about. Saps your strength don t it. This is a good picture.
    • sparky
      Yes have seen his pics they are great I was wandering if anyone else had any? laugh#
    • Cherrycandy
      OMG! so many memories! i also remember the fortune teller used to be there when the fair came to town!
    • Halfhidden
      Nice avatar Cherrycandy and welcome to the site :)
    • Cherrycandy
      Thank u ::6: im in love with this site! so many memories!
    • Halfhidden
      Don't forget you can upload pictures of your own as well. So long as they are within Penwith ;)
    • Cherrycandy
      well I'm spending Easter in PZ with my mother so I'll be posting lots of pics of the area (1950's onwards) then ::6:
    • Halfhidden
      Looking forward to that :) If you need help just shout
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    The fair
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    Mar 28, 2008
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