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Causewayhead Penzance 1990s

Taken after a snow fall in the 1990's. This is Causewayhead looking across from the old cattle market car park. This picture shows Robert Fletcher's electrical shop... the most interesting part of this picture is the blue vending machine in the wall of the garage. This vending machine would dispense paraffin to anyone day or night for the princely sum of 50p a gallon. You had to bring along your own container. Can you imagine what the hell would happen if these things still existed! Wow! by Di and Den Barnes

Causewayhead Penzance 1990s
Halfhidden, Jan 23, 2008
    • denanmor
      Is that the paraffin guard standing next to the dispenser? laugh#
    • sparky
      I never noticed someone standing there!!.....don t know how i missed that bright yellow jacket? ::17:::12: 50p a gallon those were the days!! filling up your can and accidently spilling some....dangerous when you think about it!?
    • BayOfPlenty
      Surely this machine was gone by the 90s?
    • welb1931
      The shop I seem to remember as Merrifields but that was many years ago.....
    • symons55
      Robert Fletcher now runs County Electricals at Long Rock.
    • dave67
      That’s not the paraffin guard, I’m pretty sure it’s me waiting to be picked up for work.
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    Jan 23, 2008
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